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You can start this quest upstairs, next to the stairs.

In each room you can find the pictures in the order of the route that you have to follow.

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This meteorite fell from the sky and weighs 68 kilos. Can you see it?

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You can use this pan to wash gold. Can you see the gold lying in the pan?

When you have finished this quest you can have a go on finding your own gold at our gold washing site.

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Metal is extracted from ores. Iron from this iron ore can be used for making horseshoes for example.

Can you see them? Please take a look to find out what can be made of other ores!

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Many countries have issued stamps depicting minerals or fossils.  Can you find the triangular stamps with minerals?

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Wood can petrify, turn into stone. Here you can see an example. Take a good look around you and you will find many more pieces of petrified wood in the room.


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This ammonite lived in the sea. It is a type of squid. There are many different types of ammonites in this room, can you see them?


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Every human being has vertebrae, you can feel them in your back. This big vertebra used to belong to a whale.

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Fish swim in water This petrified one not any more, but of course it did use to swim in water.

There are many types of fish, can you spot the differences?


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Below these boxes is a wheel. When you turn on the switch and turn the wheel you can see different types of rocks in the boxes.




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This purple stone is called Amethyst, we have many of these in this room. Can you see them all?



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This Malachite/Azurite lies in the Morocco display. Can you see it?

? found it!



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This pyrite is called β€˜fool’s gold’, because in the old days people used to think that it was real gold.




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In this display you can see rough stones and polished ones, so you can see the difference clearly.




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In this display you can see agate. The all have beautiful colours and structures. Can you find them?


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Sulfer was used to make matches in the past, amongst others. Can you find these rocks?


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In the past, they used to cut diamonds on these diamond tables. Can you find the other pieces of equipment they used for that in the display next to the tables?



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The rocks in this room are being lit by UV light. Can you see the colours changing?


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Each birthday has a specific stone that belongs to that day. Can you find yours?


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Walk down the stairs and turn left. Here you see a mining lamp, this is a lamp used by miners in the old days.


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De gemiddelde score is 50%